The name

From the elements that we have therefore, with regard to the family of Skordyllis, we cannot claim that Marinos Skordyllis himself or somebody of his direct descendants they founded the small and arid mountainous village in the region of Sitia. The family installed in the region of Chania base of jurisdiction of Duke Konstantinos and at extension of Emperor Alexios first Komninos. Moreover important element, that strengthens the arguments about the non-existence of Skordyllo village at the Venetian domination, is that at the inventory of Petros Castrofylaca in 1583 is not reported but also not in up to today known cartography has been marked such name in the region of Sitia. Moreover the statement that it was destroyed by the attacks of Turks or the pirate Barbarosa in 1535-1537 cannot be equitable. It cannot be true this for three reasons: 1) the village of Skordyllo abstains only at a little from the organised Fortress of Monte Forte in which existed powerful and organised guard, 2) the region is by far removed from beach of Crete and specifically Sitia with streets no particularly accessible included that no one does not dare makes landing enterprise in such depth the moment where existed fortress with powerful keep, finally 3) in the case of saved buildings is not found buildings that it would refer in Venetian period, the buildings have the classic structure of Ottoman period in Crete with the characteristics of rural familiar. The affair that afterwards the occupation of Crete from Ottoman and more specific the Hadaka of remained Skordylis and likely coming from their Sarakini they were installed in mountainous and arid, substantially, region that today we see existing the graphic village.